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Professional tools from German manufacturers - straight from a warehouse in Vilnius.

Innovation, quality, warranty and regular delivery.

Work as professionals all over the world using professional hand tools!

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WIHA pliers
WIHA pliers
BMI lasers
BMI lasers
OSBORN brushes
OSBORN brushes


German manufacturer of screwdrivers, T-shaped screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, bits, etc.

Official page  www.wiha.com



German manufacturer of spirit levels, electronic levels, pocket tapes, etc.

Official page  www.bmi.de





OSBORN International is the only reliable global manufacturer of brushes.

Official page  www.osborn.com





One of the largest manufacturers of cutting, grinding, diamond tools manufacturer. 

Official page: www.dronco.com





German manufacturer of  twist drills, concrete drill bits, diamond tools, wood drill bits, hole saws, etc.

Official page  www.bohrcraft.de





Professional grade mashines, carbide cutting wheel, metal blades, tile hole cutters, tile cutting pliers and etc.

Official page: www. jokosit.de





Transport Grips; Door, panel and board swivel lifters; Sturdy self-adjusting handtools for the removal of flooring and roofing remnants; Ladder stoppers.

Official page  www.carrymate.com





Stone - metal chisel, tin snips, voltage testers ant etc. 

Official page www.padre.de





Plumbing tools, general purpose tools, soldering, water pumps, etc.

Official page www.super-ego.es





Professional keys, torque wrenches, pneumatic tools, key sets, tools for special professional sectors, workshop trolleys / workshop equipment etc.

Official page www.matador.de