Rolling towers


The mobile towers are from the Dutch manufacturer ALTREX.

ALTREX towers comply with the European Union’s security requirements according to EN1004 and EN1298.

Quality on the highest level. Safety all the way to the top step. Altrex make your work easier and safer through innovation. To be able to safely work at height, you have to be able to put your trust in the very best products. Altrex offers that guarantee. That’s why all of our products come with a 5-year warranty as standard. This way, your safety is guaranteed.

Advantages of Altrex towers:

  1. The folding towers can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  2. The towers are modular – they can be raised to the required height.
  3. Thanks to the folding frame, the tower can be stored compactly.
  4. Lightweight because the construction is made of aluminum.
  5. Safe, with stabilizers-supports.

Tower dimensions:

  1. 0,75 x 1,15 m to 6,00 m working height;
  2. 0,75 x 1,50 m to 2,60 m working height;
  3. 0,75 x 1,65 m to 7,80 m working height;
  4. 0,75 x 1,85 m to 7,80 m working height;
  5. 1,35 x 2,45 m to 14,20 m working height.

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Altrex catalogue
RS 34 series

Folding/rolling tower RS 34 dimensions:  0,75 m x 1,65 m (with a triangular stabilizer – support).


The Altrex RS Tower 34 consists of four modules:

  1. Module A: 1,00 m Platform height, working height of 3,00 m. The total weight is 22,60 kg.
  2. Module A + B: 1,80 m Platform height, working height of 3,80 m. The total weight is 40,50 kg.
  3. Module A + B + C: 3,80 m Platform height, working height of 5,80 m. The total weight is 78,90 kg.
  4. Module A + B + C + D: 5,80 m Platform height, working height of 7,80 m. The total weight is 105,75 kg.


  • Maximum load per platform 150 kg/m2.
  • Single width folding-/rolling tower, fits through every standard door opening.
  • Modular, easy to extend.
  • Ideal for lighter jobs.
  • Foldable and compact to store and transport.
  • Adjustable wheels (125 mm).
  • User-friendly claw mechanism.
  • Wind security system to provide extra safety.
  • Fitted with double rail brace and wooden toe boards.

5 years guarantee.


RS 42 series

Rolling tower RS 42 dimensions: 1.35 x 2.45 m (with a triangular stabilizer – support).

The maximum working height for interior work is 14.20 m and exterior is 10.20 meter.


We offer six different options:

  1. Platform height 2.20 m, working height 4.20 m. The total weight is 119,50 kg.
  2. Platform height 4.20 m, working height 6.20 m. The total weight is 163,30 kg.
  3. Platform height 6.20 m, working height 8.20 m. The total weight is 249,10 kg.
  4. Platform height 8.20 m, working height 10.20 m. The total weight is 276,90 kg.
  5. Platform height 10.20 m, working height 12.20 m. The total weight is 349,50 kg.
  6. Platform height 12.20 m, working height 14.20 m. The total weight is 377,30 kg.


  • The RS TOWER 42 is an all-in rolling tower. Perfect for the professional.
  • The clamped claw-brace connections make the RS TOWER 42 super-strong.
  • Circular welded anti-slip rungs make the frame super-strong and 100% reliable.
  • Perfect for two-person usage.
  • Double width rolling tower, large work surface.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rolling tower is stabilised with double-braking wheels. Individually adjustable to up to 10 cm.
  • Maximum load per platform amounts 250 kg and for the entire rolling tower 750 kg.

5 years guarantee.


RS 44 series

Folding/Rolling towers RS 44 dimensions: width 0,75, length 1.85 m (with a triangular stabilizer – support).

We offer four different options:

  1. Platform height 1,00 m, Working height of 3,00 m. The total weight is 32 kg.
  2. Platform height 1,80 m, Working height of 3,80 m. The total weight of 56,6 kg.
  3. Platform height 3,80 m, Working height of 5,80 m. The total weight of 102,6 kg.
  4. Platform height 5,80 m, Working height of 7,80 m. The total weight of 126,4 kg.


  • The RS 44 is a compact rolling  tower. Suitable for indoors and out. Ideal for narrow spaces due to compact dimension.
  • The basis of this scaffolding is a handy folding tower that you can extend to a working height of 7.80 metres.
  • The hinge system makes the folding scaffold easy to fold and unfold
  • Compact storage.
  • Platforms equipped with a wind security system.
  • The (Ø 150 mm) wheels on the folding tower have rubber treads.
  • Maximum load per platform amounts 250 kg and for the entire rolling tower 750 kg.

5 years guarantee.